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.:Life Begins at the Intersection:.

|I Want to Turn up the Radiation|

J.T. Wynter
To see with eyes

Learning who I am just as much as you are.

"Soar, eat ether, see what has never been seen; depart, be lost, but climb." -Edna St. Vincent Millay

Journal codes are from tasha, and mood theme is from Bowie-spawan.


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17th century ships, 50's diners, abandoned buildings, advent children, aircraft, anberlin, animation, anime, antiques, art, asia, astronomy, autumn, batman, bbxrae, beast boy, bento, blink 182, blood+, books, candles, carnivals, cartoons, casting crowns, celloes, changeling, charlie/claire, chemistry, christianity, city of ember, click 5, coffee shops, coldplay, comic books, cooking, crisis core, day dreaming, daydreaming, dc comics, dirge of cerberus, disney, drawing, electrasy, fanfiction, fiction, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy xii, fireflight, fireproof, flyleaf, garth nix, god, goo goo dolls, handwritten letters, harry potter, hillsong united, hitomi takahashi, hoodies, house, hyde, ice skating, imogen heap, incubus, ireland, japan, japanese food, jars of clay, jesus, jesus christ, johnny rzeznik, joseph gordon-levitt, keeping the moon, kelly clarkson, laurie halse anderson, lifehouse, linkin park, lostprophets, maps, math, minnesota, mountains, movies, music, nanowrimo, nasa, new york city, notebooks, onerepublic, optimism, our lady peace, painting, paris, photography, physics, pillar, pirates, playing the piano, pocket watches, poetry, rain, raven roth, reading, relient k, rooftops, sarah dessen, sarcasm, school, science, sketching, skillet, snow, snow patrol, space, stars, subway systems, swimming, swings, switchfoot, tea, teen titans, the bible, the dark knight, the fray, the goo goo dolls, the joker, theology, third day, thunderstorms, titan a.e., titanic, tokyo, traveling, treasure island, treasure planet, twilight, uverworld, vincent valentine, vintage, virtue, winter, worship, writing, yellowcard, young writers society, youthquake